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Event Regulations & Getting Started

Anyone can enter the events with a freshwater fishing license, First Nations, or youth, and a cellphone to download and operate the MyCatch app.

Know Your Fish:

Rainbow and Kokanee ID

1. Caudal Fin(Tail): Kokanee have a much deeper fork and pointer tips

2. Anal Fin: Kokanee have a rectangular shape. Rainbow trout have a triangle shape

3. Dorsal Fin: Kokanee have the more triangle shape dorsal fin. Rainbow have slightly more rectangular.


Fishing Regulations on Kootenay Lake

● Bull Trout daily quota = 5/day
● Rainbow Trout daily quota >50 cm= 10/day
● Rainbow trout annual quota >50cm= 20/year
● Kokanee daily quota = 0

Please note: You are required to purchase a Kootenay Lake Conservation Surcharge Stamp if you plan to harvest any Rainbow Trout over 50 cm long.

Read regulations here

General Fishing Rules for the Event:

1. All provincial fishing regulations must be adhered to.

2. Only Rainbow Trout or Bull Trout caught in the main lake body of Kootenay Lake are eligible. Fish caught in the West Arm of Kootenay Lake are not eligible.

3. Each main lake harvested Rainbow Trout or Bull Trout can be entered in the events.

4. To enter, anglers must download the free MyCatch mobile app which is available for both iOS (Apple App Store) and Android (Google Play Store) and login to activate the tournament on the app using the same login email and password that you used to register in the tournament.

Icon Map of Kootenay Lake for Fishing Events


Mobile App Use and FAQ’s

Learn about how to use the MyCatch Mobile Application.

Fish for big prizes on Kootenay Lake BC


2023 Event Prize Detials

Learn more about the weekend and summer-long event prizes.